Evolving Photography Photo Project I: Solar Eclipse 2012

This is the first in what will be many photo projects that we will blog about. We hope to bring you one a week. These photo projects are separate from any of our client jobs, they are here to keep us active and interested. We always enjoy taking photos, growing, and doing our best every time. However photography, like any other creative outlet that becomes your job, can feel a lot like work. So this is where we will post our newest projects that are photos we take for fun, maybe they will be spur of the moment, but my guess is that we will be going down a long list of pictures that we have been meaning to take for a while. So without further explanation here is our first Evolving Photography Photo Project:

The Solar Eclipse 2012

I have always wanted to see a solar eclipse. This one, on the 20th of May 2012, was not a complete solar eclipse. It was an annular eclipse which means the sun and moon are in alignment, but the moon is further away and is not able to block the entire sun creating a “ring of fire” where a ring of the sun is still visible. Unfortunately I wasn’t in alignment with them so I was able to view a partial eclipse. My first thought was I wanted to photograph it, so I looked up how you would normally do this. It turns out a ‘solar filter’ is the best way, but I didn’t have the proper equipment, so I looked for another way. I do not recommend looking directly at the sun, but I am brave and decided to try a couple of things out. The ND filters I have are basically like sunglasses, or a tint, for your lens. They were barely dark enough, and with my ISO set to 100 and my shutter speed set to 1/8000 I was able to get the clearest shot. I decided to try my IR (infrared) filter as it only lets in IR light. This worked out great. I was able to look right at the sun through my lens and have it glow a faint red. Here are a few shots taken at different times during the eclipse.


Here is another photo that’s more abstract. I was playing around with the lens flare. This is an unedited shot. When shooting in infrared the light the images takes in is red, I could have changed the color but I thought it suited the sun well.

This next photo was taken of my view point when watching the eclipse. With a bit of Photoshop magic I overlaid one of the sun images to make the whole scene come together.

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